Mobility Services


Power Wheelchair Repair

Our specialty at Mr. Mobility is the repair and maintenance of power wheelchairs and scooters. Whether your wheelchair simply needs a new battery or the motor has malfunctioned and in need of replacement, our skilled service technicians have the experience and know how needed to help. We encourage you to take advantage of our services today.


Parts & Accessories

Power wheelchairs and scooters are made up of many components, some of which move at high rates of speed. Occasionally, these components will wear out, break due to stress, or fail unexpectedly. In such cases, we can help at Mr. Mobility. We carry a full assortment of parts and accessories to meet our customers’ needs. And we can even install them should you require assistance! We encourage you to learn more about the parts we offer so that you’re prepared the next time your wheelchair decides to stop working.



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